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About Us

Gravity Philippines, a sister company of Gravity Systems, Inc, has roots in the IT industry since 1997.


An overseas IT Helpdesk with proven staying power, Gravity Philippines simultaneously embodies the spirit of innovation and growth that propels the corporate world today.

Gravity Philippines provides outsourced Helpdesk services to medium-to-large sized businesses that are cost effective without sacrificing the elite quality of service that many Helpdesk-centric IT companies forfeit. We do this by utilizing a proprietary system that provides you with a dedicated team, reducing costs while increasing your business’ efficiency.


Our overseas IT services deliver a uniquely tailored experience, allowing you to outsource your Helpdesk needs and giving your business operations the time and space to focus on what they do best.


Gravity Philippines, putting productivity back in your hands.

Meet the Gravity Philippines team

Abe Requeza

Charles Pinon

Herman Santos

Jei Giron

Jun Chang

Mark Castillo

Kevin Aroza

Manuel Santos

Michael Salgado

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