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3 Useful Kinds of IT Helpdesk Operations

Are you on the fence about augmenting your organization’s IT department with an outsourced IT helpdesk? Maybe you’re unclear on how such a service can help your team on a daily basis, or you’re not sure whether your specific helpdesk needs can be addressed. Actually, IT helpdesk operations can enhance your company’s ability to provide technology assistance in numerous ways. Let’s look at three useful operations you can obtain from an outsourced IT helpdesk service.

Traditional IT helpdesk: If you need a helpdesk that can handle a little bit of everything on a constant or recurring basis, this kind of service is right up your alley. Our offshore team of helpdesk specialists can resolve many kinds of Level 1 issues, from routine password resets and ticket routing to troubleshooting those mysterious functional glitches. If a problem requires escalation, our team can move the issue upstairs seamlessly to your in-house crew.

App-specific or software-specific support:

Do you develop and sell downloadable or retailed software programs/apps? Do your clients need to use proprietary software as part of their interactions with your business? When these programs need updates, upgrades, security patches or other attention, you can leave it to our outsourced IT helpdesk team.

Cloud application (SaaS) support: Do you offer software as a service (SaaS) via cloud-based platforms and apps? If so, you can’t afford to allow minor problems to impair your customers or vendor partners’ productivity or user satisfaction. Our outsourced IT helpdesk services include SaaS app support. We can iron out user issues while your in-house IT department focuses on making the app in question speeder, more powerful, easier to use, and as trouble-free as possible.

These are just a few of the practical benefits you can get out of an outsourced IT helpdesk from Gravity Philippines. Contact us today to learn more!

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