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5 Signs That Your Internal IT Staff Needs an Outsourced Helpdesk

When is it time to enhance your internal IT functions with outsourced helpdesk services? Here are five signs that the time is now:

You’ve started missing updates and patches. Data backup and security routines can only protect you when your staff follows and obeys them like clockwork. If your internal IT crew is overburdened with helpdesk requests, they could miss that one critical patch, update, or backup that makes all the difference between business as usual and catastrophe.

Your team can’t keep up with helpdesk demand. Helpdesk issues don’t usually take place within a tidy, predictable 9-to-5 workday. If your IT people have to pull odd hours overtime to address those concerns, then you need some outsourced help.

You’re losing productivity to technical downtime. Have you noticed that software, hardware, or networking issues have resulted in more internal downtime lately? Your techs could be having trouble getting to those issues because they’re too busy doubling as helpdesk staff. You can’t afford to let your IT system cost you money and productivity in this way.

You’re not planning or growing as you should. Developing and implementing long-term IT strategies takes time, expertise, and professional input from skilled personnel. When your techs are busy putting out routine fires, they can’t focus on growth strategies for your organization’s eventual (or imminent) expansion.

Your high-level techs are tied up with low-level issues. Is your organization struggling to cope with complex or severe technical issues? Maybe your techs are swamped with Level 1 issues such as changing passwords and assisting with basic computer-user questions. Outsource those Level 1 hassles, and your techs will be free to deal with more complicated matters.

Gravity Philippines can help you reverse or even prevent these high-tech headaches. Contact us today to get the outsourced IT helpdesk services you need!

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