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Already Have an In-House Help Desk? Consider Augmenting It Remotely

When you hear about companies using outsourced/offshore IT help desk support, you might think, “Well, I’d never need that.” After all, you already have a full-staffed IT department right there in your own local facility, with professionals who know how to tackle everything from basic user error to tricky troubleshooting problems. Yes, your IT department provides you with all the tech expertise you need. The question is: What will you do if your needs suddenly change?

Occasionally, a business encounters a golden opportunity that requires more than all hands on deck. For instance, if you’re contracted to complete a huge project for a major enterprise, you may find yourself struggling to handle that project’s technological demands. The project may require a more robust or diverse skill set than your IT staff currently possesses, or it may simply involve more labor hours than your team can spare. That’s when it makes all the sense in the world to augment your existing resources with a remote IT help desk provider.

What does this strategy do for you in a pinch? First of all, it ensures that you have the right total number of IT professionals to see every aspect of the project to successful fruition. It also allows you to redirect the low-level help requests elsewhere, giving your in-house professionals more time to focus on your project’s more demanding tasks.

Don’t forget about the value of providing a superior customer service experience to the client who has entrusted you with the project. By having a 24/7 outsourced help desk service at the ready, you can address the client’s needs and concerns more quickly. Your client will notice -- and you may win that next big project as a result. Contact Gravity Philippines to ask about augmenting your team with ours!

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