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Benefits of Outsourced IT Helpdesk Services for Schools

When you hear or read about the benefits of outsourced IT helpdesk services, it’s often in the context helping SaaS providers and other businesses. But what if your place of business is a school? Today’s schools and school districts lean heavily on information technology for a wide range of activities, from administrative record keeping to cloud-based learning platforms. That’s why you should give serious thought to supporting your school’s IT stability and productivity by taking advantage of outsourced helpdesk services.

Consider the tremendous demands made by COVID-enforced distance learning. Entire

classrooms of kids now take their lessons and interact with their teachers through Zoom, email, and cloud collaboration services. This online environment naturally presents technical glitches related to bandwidth shortages, server issues, password or permissions issues, and good old-fashioned user error -- any of which can wreck the educational experience for individual or multiple students. The resulting tidal wave of help requests can easily overwhelm a typical school’s IT department. You need to hand those help requests off to experts who can take care of them while your IT team focuses on keeping your other technical workflow flowing.

The demands on your institution’s IT department may not be confined to e-learning. For

instance, private schools typically get slammed with technological overload as they scramble to accommodate enrollment administration during the summer. If that scenario describes your school, the last thing your IT department needs is constant distraction due to Level 1 helpdesk problems. By outsourcing those trouble calls to a dedicated off-site service provider, you can put more time and effort into supporting those seasonal and everyday administrative needs. (While you’re at it, consider outsourcing other aspects of your IT workload as well if those tasks are overwhelming your in-house team.)

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