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Can Outsourced Help Desk Services Reduce Your Summer IT Costs?

Hot enough for you? Whether you’re used to suffering from sweltering temperatures every summer in your part of the world or you’re struggling with one of the unprecedented heat waves currently devastating the U.S., you’re probably looking at some seriously high utility bills. The same heat that forces you to run your home’s air conditioner nonstop may also boost your business’s IT expenses as you’re forced to run heat-generating equipment on a daily basis. What’s the answer? Part of it might lie in the use of outsourced IT help desk services.

Stop and think about how many IT employees you have, and how much electricity they consume in the everyday use of their tools and processes. Now ask yourself what percentage of that people-power and electrical usage goes toward addressing low-level help desk issues. If you’re not sure how much of your team’s valuable time is spent wrapped up in such activities, consider this sobering statistic: On average, over 90 percent of an organization’s IT problems require nothing more than simple help-desk troubleshooting. That’s a huge chunk of your operational energy, electrical energy, and electricity-related thermal buildup (which then requires even more electricity to cool) devoted to something that you don’t even need to be handling in house.

When you outsource your IT help desk functions, you eliminate that degree of in-house electricity usage in a single stroke. You can run less equipment for fewer hours while also giving your fans and HVAC system a bit of a break. You may even find that you can get by with a smaller IT team, thus saving money at the payroll level as well as the utility level. If you’re interested in this strategy for beating the heat, contact Gravity Philippines to discuss your options with us!

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