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Can’t Decide Between Helpdesk and Full-Service Outsourced IT? Take the Hybrid Approach

Today’s world of outsourced IT services offers more options than ever for organizations looking to offload some of their technological chores. You can rely on offshore helpdesk services to handle your superficial tasks, or you can opt for a full-scale approach to outsourced IT support. But which one do you choose? Why not both?

There are several advantages in taking a hybrid approach toward your outsourced IT. By placing your own internal IT functions and higher-level customer issues in the hands of our team, you can minimize distractions to your own technical personnel or even run a tighter ship payroll-wise. Meanwhile, your offshore helpdesk team continues to field those Level 1 problems easily and effectively.

There’s another huge advantage in getting both your U.S. and your offshore IT services from the same provider. Our Philippines and U.S. operations work together seamlessly, with lightning-fast, crystal-clear communication. This can prevent the disconnects and misunderstanding that may occur when you try to make two different providers mesh their day-to-day operations.

Bear in mind that not all Level 1 complaints remain at Level 1. Many of them will pose challenges or complications that require escalation to higher-level technical personnel. When that happens, you’ll be glad that you’re running a hybrid setup that includes both Gravity Philippines and Gravity U.S. Our Philippines team can kick those problems upstairs in an instant for timely, accurate resolution.

Some internal technical issues may require in-person servicing. If you need to install new workstations, upgrade your hardware, or extend your network, the U.S. side of your Gravity IT service can take care of those challenges for you even as your offshore helpdesk takes care of your ongoing trouble calls.

These are just a few of the ways a hybrid approach can streamline IT support for your business. Contact us today to learn and get started!

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