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Chatbots Versus Trained Help Desk Professionals:It’s No Contest

If you’ve ever sought help for a customer service issue through an online text box only to come up frustratingly short, chances are that you were having a “conversation” with an automated program known as a chatbot. Chatbots have an undeniable appeal in some applications, but they can’t compare to live, in-person assistance from skilled IT help desk professionals.

Chatbots can resolve the most rudimentary customer service questions and problems. More

often than not, however, they leave issues unresolved, forcing customers to move on to phone or email support so they can communicate with a real person. If they’d just contacted that real person to begin with, they would’ve saved time, effort, and frustration.

This scenario becomes even more likely in the trickier world of IT support. An experienced

professional can react to a help desk ticket with more complexity and discretion than any

chatbot, resolving problems that might otherwise have to be kicked upstairs.

Chatbots aren’t as popular as you might assume from their prevalence online. A 2018 Forbes article went so far as to accuse chatbots of “killing” customer service, ntoing that only about half a research study’s respondents said that they’d seek out a chatbot instead of human assistance even for simple issues.

What’s the most popular perceived benefit of chatbots among the general population? It’s the

fact that chatbots provide 24-hour service. But guess what? Gravity Philippines can help your organization provide the same “always-on” availability to receive and sort out help desk issues.

Better yet, our skilled IT professionals can handle issues and concerns that would stump a

chatbot all too easily. There’s no substitute for a trained, educated human brain, smooth

communication skills, and a genuine desire to provide top-quality customer or employee service.

Ready to provide real IT support? Contact Gravity Philippines for genuinely helpful help desk


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