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Common Challenges That SaaS Customers Need Help With

If you provide Software as a Service (SaaS), you probably already know that supporting these platforms and programs can prove almost as challenging as creating them in the first place, especially when they’re still relatively new, untried, and unfamiliar to their target user base. Your staff may find itself swamped with all kinds of help requests, many of which would be more easily and effectively handled by our outsourced IT helpdesk service at Gravity Philippines. Let’s examine some common SaaS customer challenges that benefit from skilled assistance.

Feature confusion or omission - No matter how carefully your design team has planned out all the features of your program or platform, some desired feature or other may elude your customers. Perhaps you neglected to include the feature altogether, in which case you’ll want to forward such complaints to the appropriate department. Maybe the feature is there, but it’s semi-hidden by its placement on the screen or in the menu bar. Maybe you’ve simply given it a different name than your customers might have been looking for. Until your team can iron out any preventable confusion in the user interface, your helpdesk team will need to help walk puzzled users through the necessary paces.

Functionality, compatibility, or configuration problems - It’s not unusual for new SaaS users to have trouble figuring out how to select the right setup options for optimal compatibility or usability. They may also need help configuring the platform to work well with particular devices or applications. They may even have trouble using the basic controls, including login functions, until they get the hang of the platform. These are all challenges best served by experienced, patient IT helpdesk professionals.

Don’t let common user frustrations affect your company’s success and productivity. Rely on our outsourced IT helpdesk team to keep your SaaS clients happy!

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