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COVID-19 and Outsourced IT Helpdesk Services

The COVID-19 pandemic just seems to grow more and more serious, not just for individuals but also for business entities. As employees either get sick or stay away from the workplace to avoid getting sick, many companies have been forced to look at fresh new ways of conducting their operations, including their IT functions. If you find yourself in this boat, consider changing course for a productivity-saving option: outsourced IT helpdesk services.

Outsourcing your Level 1 and 2 IT helpdesk chores can help you get through these uncertain times in a number of ways. First and foremost, it can take up the slack when you have IT personnel recovering from COVID in the comfort and safety of their own homes. By handling those time-consuming minor trouble calls, we can free up your available technicians so that they can take care of larger tasks without feeling overburdened or short-handed.

Consider that many of the employees calling in with those Level 1/2 complaints may actually be working from home during the pandemic. They don’t need to replace a home computer or build a home network from scratch; they may, however, have trouble logging into the corporate server or be experiencing odd glitches that could use some professional scrutiny. This range of trouble suits an outsourced IT helpdesk service perfectly.

Even after the virus dies down and things eventually start looking up again, many businesses may decide to implement smart changes in the way they operate based on the costly lessons they’ve learned. Maybe you see the value in smaller on-site facilities populated only by essential personnel, with other operations running from small branch offices or telecommuting environments. Outsourced IT helpdesk services can help you shrink your on-site footprint, thus reducing disease transmission risks for your company.

Ready to work both smarter and safer? Contact Gravity Philippines today!

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