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Dedicated vs. Shared IT Helpdesk Services

The terms “shared” and “dedicated” apply to more than just hosted servers in the IT world. As you delve deeper into the array of outsourced IT helpdesk services, you’ll find that there are two primary models for providing these services: the dedicated IT helpdesk model and the shared IT helpdesk model. What’s the difference between these two service models, and which one is more likely to suit your needs? Let’s take a closer look.

The Shared Helpdesk: A shared helpdesk service is one that fields trouble calls or assistance requests for a variety of organizations (including yours) simultaneously. When you make use of this outsourced IT service model, your organization is billed on a per-call basis. This makes it an especially affordable solution for businesses that don’t receive large numbers of IT calls. It also makes sense if you experience seasonal or occasional peaks in trouble calls as opposed to consistent call volumes.

The Dedicated Helpdesk: Working with a dedicated IT helpdesk is more like having your very own helpdesk sub-department, one that can spend all of its time, effort, and attention on helping you and your customers. This extra focus means that you can often receive more in-depth assistance (and more effective escalation) than the shared model can provide. It also provides always-on service at fixed per-agent rates, which takes the unpredictability out of your IT budget.

As you can see, either kind of outsourced IT helpdesk model could prove ideal for you, depending on your budget, business volume, and customer behaviors. Fortunately, you can actually mix and match both kinds of services, perhaps adding shared helpdesk services as backup support to your dedicated helpdesk for certain situations. Gravity Philippines can help you get the perfect level of care, so contact us today for guidance!

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