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Does Your SaaS Solution Need Outsourced Helpdesk Services?

SaaS (Software as a Service) has exploded in popularity, bringing in an anticipated $143.7 billion by 2022. So it’s obviously a great time to offer such services -- but only if you have the proper helpdesk resources at your command. Let’s look at some reasons your SaaS solutions might need to take advantage of outsourced IT helpdesk services.

Developers need to do what you hired them to do.

You engaged those highly-skilled, high-level developers because, well, you need them to develop your SaaS products, features, and services. Instead, they’re swamped with calls from users regarding entry-level issues. So now you basically have the world’s most overpriced, overqualified helpdesk team instead of that all-important SaaS development team.

Lack of available local helpdesk talent. You already know that you need a small-to-midsize helpdesk team with the right mix of skills, training, and customer service savvy to handle incoming calls from SaaS users. Unfortunately, this kind of talent may not be as easy to find in your area as you’d hoped -- which means that the qualified personnel you do find may demand a higher asking price than you’d prefer. Outsourcing to an overseas IT helpdesk solution solves this problem handily.

SaaS customers may require 24/7 support. SaaS never sleeps, and neither does its clientele (or so it may seem). When people need help with your service, they can’t necessarily limit that need to a narrow range of hours in the day. This leaves you in the unfortunate position of having to maintain a round-the-clock staff -- unless you outsource your helpdesk functions. An outsourced IT provider like Gravity Philippines can assist your customers day and night, whether your offices are open for business nor not.

Ready to make your SaaS business thrive? Contact Gravity Philippines today to learn more about how we can help!

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