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Email, Chat, Remote, Phone -- What Outsourced Support Options Do You Need?

What do you envision when you think of an IT helpdesk? Do you think of emailed help request tickets? Incoming calls from confused product users? Issues that require a glimpse into the user’s computer? Quick, efficient chat exchanges that get problems solved? Let’s look at the various forms of outsourced IT support that you might benefit from.

Email - Many computer users will reflexively fire off an email when they have a question for your IT support team. Grouping, categorizing, and relaying these requests can prove a daunting, time-consuming task for your internal IT team. You’re much better off letting our outsourced IT experts receive, route, and address these requests.

Chat - Many low-level, momentary frustrations can easily be resolved through a real-time chat window. One advantage here is the ability to save chat exchanges for future reference in case the problem or question recurs. Even so, real-time is still spent time, and your techs can often put their time to better use on higher-level problems. Let us handle this form of helpdesk care for you.

Remote - Sometimes the easiest way to diagnose or fix a simple technology problem is to take a peek inside the user’s system. Our remote servers and connections allow us to do just that. We can view what’s happening from the user’s desktop and make the appropriate suggestions or interventions to set things right.

Phone - Even with all the digital communications and troubleshooting options currently available, old-school phone support still plays a critical role in resolving many Level 1 IT issues, especially when the user has trouble articulating the nature of the problem in writing. You certainly don’t want your own phone lies jammed with incoming trouble calls, so leave that challenge to us.

Contact Gravity Philippines and let us know what kinds of outsourced support your business processes need!

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