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Getting Ready to Upgrade Your Software? Get Ready for More Help Desk Activity

Do you offer SaaS (Software as a Service) that includes periodic upgrades and rollouts of new app features? Do you manage IT for a business that’s about to adopt new and improved versions of critical software programs for everyone who works there? Either way, the users of this new software are likely to find significant changes -- changes that may cause as much confusion and frustration as relief and approval. There’s no getting around the learning curve, and that will most likely mean an uptick in help desk calls.

This unfortunate development may begin long before you actually replace one software version with another. The minute you inform your organization or clientele of the impending change, those individuals may start contacting you with a flurry of questions about what to expect. These aren’t trouble calls per se, but they can distract your IT department and give you some idea of what to expect when you actually make the switch. Once the new software is installed, expect another flurry of entry-level questions: “Where did my settings options go? How do I login now? What does this new feature do? Why isn’t the upgraded platform accepting my password? By the way, what is my password?” Et cetera.

The good news is that handling low-level trouble calls is what outsourced IT help desk professionals do for a living. You can offload these transitional teething problems to your dedicated offshore team at Gravity Philippines, secure in the knowledge that our specialists know how to explain new features, soothe worried users, and help get everybody up and running on upgraded apps and platforms. This leaves your core IT team free to deal with more complex problems that require their full attention and expertise.

Ready to upgrade your software as smoothly and efficiently as possible? We’re ready to help!

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