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Have You Been Ad-Libbing Your IT Help Desk Support?

Almost everyone has experienced this scenario: You call a business with an urgent question or concern, only to find out that you’re talking to someone who’s covering for the receptionist, can’t answer your question directly, and maybe doesn’t even know who to refer you to. You probably came away from that encounter marveling at the sheer amateurishness of that company. Well, when you try to wing it with your IT help desk coverage, you risk the same kind of dissatisfaction.

It’s quite common for employees to cover for each other when the occasional absence leaves an empty chair where a team player should be sitting. However, it’s another thing to handle your IT help desk in a slapdash manner on a daily basis simply because you don’t have the people power to keep this important role filled.

One of the biggest challenges with this approach begins at the beginning, with that initial trouble call. At the very least, you want to respond to help desk requests quickly and courteously. That first missed call or dropped message can create a domino effect of confusion and annoyance. Computer users kept on hold get more irritable with every passing moment, which does nothing for your departmental reputation or customer satisfaction.

Even when the phone gets answered promptly, people want and expect effective help. In fact, the outstanding majority of low-level help requests should get resolved right then and there, while the others should receive the proper ticketing and escalation on the spot. When you’re playing musical chairs with your help desk crew, you’re much less likely to get those problems solved -- or even placed on the right path to a solution.

Don’t take an ad-lib approach to your IT help desk. Let the pros at Gravity Philippines fill that need for you!

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