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How offshore IT department results in better customer service?

Outsourcing is not a new concept, but it is getting popular over time. More and more companies have realized how outsourcing some function of it can help them. While there are many departments inside a company to outsource, but the IT help desk is the one that most companies choose to externalize. An IT help desk provides support for either employees or clients, or both. The help desk will take inbound phone calls and emails to address concerns/issues and try to fix the problem. An IT Help desk primarily focuses on IT department-related queries, such as if an employee can not access the company network or software related queries.

With the advancement of IT systems and software, employees can achieve more each day than before, but it also has the potential to halt your services and drive productivity to the ground when there are network issues. For such reasons, many organizations are opting to outsource their IT department to service providers, and the practice is not only followed by big companies, but the companies of all sizes because, give or take- this is a smart choice.

When talking about the advantages of outsourcing, cost-cutting and productivity come to mind first. Yes, outsourcing the IT department can save money in the form of increased productivity of the employees, and most importantly, your IT staff. IT people won’t have to prioritize the resolution of the basic problems of other employees in the company and can focus more on their other tasks. These are the benefits to the company, but how does outsourcing help your customers or give them a better experience?

If you have an in-house IT department for all the tasks from keeping the company’s system up and running and assisting employees plus providing IT-related assistance to the end-users. Your employees are bound to be torn between all these tasks and ultimately lose efficiency. You can expect to do all these things with dedication. The employees in your customer service department can’t possibly help your customers when they are staring at a frozen computer screen.

Fortunately, if your help desk services outsourced to an IT firm, your customer service department can make a quick call to the offshore department and get immediate help as the experts at the firm address the issue with your hardware. At the same time, your IT department employee continues to maintain the network, monitor security, or prepare vital software updates and not prioritize the other minor issues.

With an outsourced IT helpdesk, your in-house IT department can handle the internal systems and servers of the company while the offshore guys will take care of the other stuff. In the end, this will reflect on how your customers get treated, hence may increase revenue. Outsourcing your IT help desk services is a proven win-win for your business and the employees.

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