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How Outsourced IT service helps Companies Grow Smarter?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

There are multiple ways to assess a company’s growth at different levels, but complete Growth marks the Growth of employees, teams, projects, and ultimately revenue. To attain this growth, certain tools are needed and outsourced IT will help you reach those goals.

  • Intelligent Productivitay Tools- MyAnalytics and Power Automate

If there are ways to optimize employees’ productivity, a company should use that for its benefits. A Managed Services Provider will provide you a better sense of suitable tools that are on the market, or irrelevant platforms that your company is wasting money on. For example, if your company is using the Office 365 suite, there are two commonly overlooked platforms that your employees have access to MyAnalytics and Power Automate.

Microsoft has been investing dearly to advance the in-office experience, and it will be a shame if we don’t use it. MyAnalytics is a dashboard that depicts how employees spend their time and identify frequent collaborators, on-going projects, upcoming events, etc. This platform helps in time organization as all this information is readily available.

Microsoft Power Automate is a similar platform but with a different approach to productivity. It is offering tools to automate the daily repetitive tasks to employees. Users can automate everyday mundane tasks, like some daily emails, by building custom workflows. Power Automate additionally provides cloud-based data loss prevention with identity, and access management services to safeguard workflow content. Employees have more time to pursue higher-level goals with these workflows securely running in the background.

  • Collaboration Tools for Teams

One aspect of company growth is the teams growing together. For that to happen, they need resources that aid collaboration and accountability. The lack of employee advocacy is the biggest reason behind a digital transformation’s failure. An outsourced IT can avoid this pitfall by working with designated teams and running pilot programs.

  • Microsoft Teams Store

The Microsoft Teams store offers integration with common tools that marketers use every day - such as Salesforce, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, and more. To implement this use, an It service can provide expert guidance on how to use these tools to their fullest, and employees can reap the benefits of secure document share, searchable chat, video and meeting conferencing, and Voice-over-IP in place of traditional phones.

Hence, by leveraging outsourced help, a company’s employees can receive customized training to use any product like Teams training. The employees can ask questions about features like workflow, bots, and other features that would come to their use on a day to day basis.

  • Strategically Spending Company Budgets

The company operators have to provide employees with all the tools necessary but stay within budget too, which is a challenge. While platforms such as the cloud are perceived as money-savers, many companies are overpaying for their subscriptions. They overpay for the applications that are underutilized, too, rather than scaling down. However, all these problems go away by working with a service provider. An ITSD can give a clear view of your resource usage, and allocate the budget accordingly.

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