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Improve Internal Communication With IT Helpdesk

One of the biggest challenges in working within a growing group is the difficulty of having a clear communication mode. How often do you have to call someone several times or chase after him in the hallways to make sure he understands what you are trying to get to them for?

An actual conversation hardly takes place and valuable time is spent trying to find the right details.

Today we will discuss 5 reasons why an IT Helpdesk solution can help improve your internal communication process.

Dependency on Emails

Have you ever tried to search for that one email from a few weeks ago, but don't remember enough of what it was, so search functionality doesn't get you anywhere? Email may be confusing, it may be difficult to track who is in the email chain, and it is not advisable to retrieve it. Keeping up to date with all your internal activities via email is a bad thing.

Things get even worse when you start using them to communicate with customers. Most of the time you do not want the customer to see your message from someone else but need to keep it on track. You can't track who's CC'ed and who's not. After all, just using emails can create more pollution than it solves.

This is where having a Helpdesk solution helps: drop all your conversations on the platform and limit who sees that in the right groups.

As your support staff grows, the number of tickets will increase as well

As you rise to the top of your support staff, expect an increase in the volume and difficulty of tickets your team will handle. Many of the branches on the ticket tree mean a lot of room for things to go wrong.

So you should look for a Helpdesk solution that can handle this escalation. Key clients will no longer be lost in the cell for some of the issues that are being addressed. Reminders will keep your employees checked in case they forget about a particular job.

Keep records of all your conversations

Every little detail is important. No one wants to trace lost information from customers or coworkers because they forgot to write it down or lost it in an old email. And that little knowledge can come back and bother you at the right time.

To prevent that from happening, it is best to look for a Helpdesk solution that allows for better storage of notes. Maybe a more conversational style for tracking like a chat board. In any case, look for a solution that allows you to keep all your important information in one place, so if someone ever needs to look at logs, they know where to look.

And it does not hurt if the knowledge base of the species exists. The knowledge base allows customers and employees to find the most common questions answered without taking the time to ask or to benefit from previous experience in dealing with similar issues.

Increasing Communication Efficiency = Flourishing Services

You don’t really think about the importance of clear communication until it hits you that there is a problem somewhere. The ad that relaxation not only affects you but also affects other areas of your work and that of others.

If two employees deal with a problem that does not seem to combine their efforts, they will waste their time and that of others. And finally, it is the client who will take charge of your free time.

With the Helpdesk solution when you're ready, you can perform routine tasks to make it easier to produce more for your employees. You do not have to submit tasks by hand, tickets are made to the party you want as pre-arranged with the help of the Route algorithm.

Performance Tracker For Efficiency

Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) exists for a reason: your customers have some expectations, and you need to meet them. The Helpdesk solution allows you to keep track of your employees' performance, which will provide valuable insights into your entire work process.

Response time is not the only metric you need to consider: where do most tickets come from? Which department gets the most tickets?

These reports can allow you to identify and correct a stumbling block in the process if any, and improve your overall communication process.

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