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Key Aspects of a Good Helpdesk Ticketing System

The trusty IT helpdesk typically stands as an organization’s first response against many small but important problems. However, your IT helpdesk is only as good as its own processes and systems allow, whether you have your own in-house team or you want to engage an outsourced IT helpdesk service to take up the slack and smooth your workload. So what makes for an effective, well-run helpdesk ticketing system? Here are some things you’ll want to prioritize, courtesy of our experts at Gravity Philippines.

An automated setup - You want your helpdesk system to make use of automation as much as possible. Options can include automated ticket routing as well as notifications for reminders, updates, and ticket resolution.

SLA status information - SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. A helpdesk ticketing

system that includes SLA status data with each help ticket can ensure that each request gets

handled with the right degree of priority.

Organization and grouping options - A good helpdesk ticketing makes use of tagging and

grouping techniques to bundle help requests by category or type of problem. Ideally, ticket tags are linked to an in-depth knowledge base of helpful troubleshooting information.

Ease of use - A good helpdesk system doesn’t just help providers do their job better; it also

offers a logical, easy-to-use interface so users can place their help tickets as easily and

correctly as possible. The interface also includes the necessary fields to allow users to input all the necessary data for more efficient, accurate assistance.

Strong communication - The best helpdesk services maintain both good communication with

users and a strong internal/private communications system, with service professionals who can work both individually and in teams with equal skill.

Gravity Philippines’ outsourced IT helpdesk services cando a sterling job with your company’s help tickets. Contact us to learn more!

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