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Looking for Data Security? Look into a Dedicated Outsourced IT Helpdesk

When your IT department is busy handling everyday functions and resolving technical issues, the last thing you need is an extra burden of worry over a potentially catastrophic data breach or network security failure. Do you let security maintenance siphon time and energy away from trouble calls, or do you stretch your in-house IT department so thin (in the effort to do it all) that you risk your data security? Fortunately, you don’t have to make that choice when you use dedicated outsourced IT helpdesk services from Gravity Philippines.

A dedicated IT helpdesk service provides you with some important built-in safeguards. For

starters, the network itself sits securely up in the cloud, not on your facility’s local devices. This means that even if some unscrupulous or malicious agent succeeds in hacking into your local network, your helpdesk remains safe and sound elsewhere. Thanks to our use of SSL, end-to-end encryption, firewalls, isolated zones and other security measures, your hacker would have precious little chance of getting at the data in your dedicated cloud space.

You also have total control over where your information lives when you choose our dedicated outsourced IT helpdesk services. The company may be called Gravity Philippines, but it operates using the U.S. assets utilized by Gravity Systems. Your data doesn’t venture outside the U.S. (or your nation of choice).

Perhaps best of all, when you have a dedicated helpdesk account, you can stop worrying about that entire segment of your IT operations. The knowledge that your helpdesk is secure frees your IT team to spend more time on local network backups, patches, and disaster recovery strategies. You may even want to put our U.S. Gravity Services people on those tasks as well. Contact us and ask us about our secure solutions!

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