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Not Open 24/7? You Still Might Benefit From an“Always-On” Helpdesk Service

Most of us would be scratching our heads over a company that stayed open 24 hours a day without also offering 24/7 support to address various customer or employee issues that might pop up at any time of the day or night. For instance, a hotel presumably needs to keep managing check-in, checkout, and other kinds of customer care round the clock. But maybe adhere to standard 9-to-5 hours or some other recognized industry standard. Even so, you might still benefit from having a 24-hour outsourced IT helpdesk service. Consider these possible reasons.

Your SaaS client base keeps round-the-clock hours. Some organizations never sleep, including facilities that rely on your SaaS software. When something goes wrong, they could be left stranded -- and angry about being stranded -- unless they can receive immediate assistance, not from an automated program, but from a skilled human being. They can’t afford to wait until your in-house workers are back at their desks.

Your business has branches in foreign lands. Just because it’s the middle of night in your base of operations, that doesn’t mean that your branch offices or other facilities in other countries aren’t still up and running. Your employees in those parts of the world may need immediate technical assistance. They can’t (or won’t want to) wait until the next workday for a reply to their help request.

You want a competitive advantage. Are you in a highly competitive industry? If so, you may need to promote any and every advantage you might have over your rivals. When you can list 24/7 technical assistance among your strengths as an organization, that feature can make your organization appear bigger, better equipped, and more concerned about employee and/or customer care.

Not everyone needs 24/7 technical support. But if your company does, Gravity Philippines can provide it!

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