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Numbers Don’t Lie: Outsourcing and Customer Service Statistics Worth Knowing

When most sensible people want to make an informed decision, they look past surface

perceptions to the cold, hard facts. If you’re interested in making intelligent choices about your own organization’s help desk operations and solutions, check out the following enlightening statistics and their implications.

● $62 billion: The estimated amount U.S. companies lose each year due to substandard

customer service.

● $823 million: The increase in revenue a billion-dollar company can expect within three

years of improving their customer service.

● $3: The return you can expect on every dollar you invest in improving your customer’s

help desk experience.

● 51 percent: The percentage of customers who feel that companies provide an

inadequate help desk experience.

● 76 percent: The percentage of customers who receive contradictory or confusing

information from multiple in-house employees.

● 52 percent: The percentage of customers who won’t return to companies that don’t offer

personalized customer service.

These statistics all point to the need to optimize help desk efficiency and professionalism.

Outsourcing some of those tasks to skilled, dedicated IT professionals would be a step in the

right direction. Check out some statistics regarding outsourcing in general:

● 52 percent: The percentage of U.S. companies that planned to outsource at least one

business function as of 2019.

● 84.2 percent: The percentage of the world’s outsourcing projects initiated by U.S.


● 59 percent: The percentage of outsourcers that rely on outsourcing primarily to reduce

their operating costs.

● 57 percent: The percentage of outsourcers that use outsourcing primarily so their

employees can focus on core tasks.

● 31 percent: The percentage of outsourcers who list improved service as their top reason

for outsourcing.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to outsource your help desk functions, including those time-consuming IT help desk functions. Let Gravity Philippines give you a hand!

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