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Post-Pandemic IT Hiring Is Up -- But Does It Make Sense for You?

As the dust starts to settle on the chaos created by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are hiring again, with the Bureau of Labor statistics and other organizations reporting significant U.S. job growth. That growth extends to the IT industry. Businesses that scaled down their operations in 2020 have begun beefing up their employee rosters again, rebuilding their IT departments and hiring new key players. But is that always the smart way to go -- and does it make sense for your enterprise?

The answer to that question lies, in part, on who you hire and how large an enterprise you have. Technology executives at the big companies are getting a median rise in salary of 3.2 percent. If you need to fill such a position at your organization, you may need to divert money from elsewhere in your payroll budget, such as your hiring of lower-level technicians. But even the low-level techs at larger companies are now getting a 1.3 percent median raise compared to pre-pandemic salary levels. (Medium-sized businesses are paying their techs 0.6 percent more as well. So maybe this isn’t the greatest time to pad your IT department after all.

You’ve probably guessed the most cost-effective alternative. Offshore IT help desk services can give you the professional skill and resources you need for a fraction of what you’d have to pay an in-house U.S. tech team. Not only will you experience no loss in quality in dealing with those all-too-frequent low-level help requests, but you’ll have more money to spare for other hiring needs throughout your company. If you do decide that you need some new permanent IT techs in your facility, you’ll feel more comfortable about hiring fewer of them at a more leisurely pace. So before you make those hires -- hire us instead!

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