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SASE is the focus post-pandemic

Every company or organization is right now looking for new opportunities and strategies to adjust, cope and thrive in the new and constantly changing times. A recent survey flashed this question in front of all the companies- are you ready to leap?

Given the situation for the past 12 months, and that ongoing situation, a question like this would carry a lot of weight at any given time. But it is even more important now than before. Businesses need to be prepared for change, perhaps as their only means of survival, and that older two-, five- and 10-year-old plans are now completely history. The new normal- work from home would not be without its challenges, not before security.

The key points from the research (The Future of Enterprise Networking and Security: Are You Ready for the Next Leap?) are:

  • Businesses will continue to operate remotely: Only seven percent of respondents indicated that they plan to have everyone return to the office at some point. 80% indicated that their companies shall continue to work with remote employees in whole or in part.

  • Protecting remote workers poses a challenge: Enforcing corporate security policies on remote users was the second most common security challenge (according to 58% of respondents). The same percentage indicates that they do not have the time and resources to make the best possible safety measures. Remote access functionality remains the most widely used issue in 2021, according to 47% of respondents.

  • SASE focused on businesses in post-epidemic 2021: 91% of respondents expect SASE to simplify management and security, while more than half of respondents indicated that SASE would be important for their businesses to send COVID-19. As a separate bar here, of those who have already accepted SASE, 86% of respondents experience increased security resultant from that acquisition.

  • Supporting that remote user range also seems deceptive, using a satisfactory level of security to be extremely challenging over time (57% of respondents), while one-third of respondents noted that even basic home maintenance such as timely delivery of patches seemed challenging. That is where the importance of the support base as remote control becomes a basic requirement. And its value has now gone up above all previous benches. And the rules here are simple enough: a 24 × 7, secure, convenient, multi-platform app, which will not be a distraction if needed at the end of the user and shared as needed. A virtual support body equivalent to a physical visit to a sick user not only provides many technical needs, but also serves as a comfortable blanket that many users still need, but that is rarely considered in a technical examination.

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