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Struggling With Stress in the Workplace? Outsource Some of Your IT Services

Workplace stress is very real -- and very dangerous. According to the American Institute of

Stress, work is a major source of stress in Americans’ lives. While some of that stress comes

from interpersonal friction or the balancing act between home life and work life (the latter of

which has undoubtedly grown worse as COVID-19 forces people to work from home), the

largest percentage of workplace stress stems from workload problems. If your team is dealing with this kind of trouble, it’s time to start outsourcing potential stressors such as IT headaches to your friends at Gravity Philippines.

Stress does a lot more than just make you feel fidgety, depressed, or irritable. It can contribute to chronic inflammation, hypertension (itself a dangerous condition), impaired immune system function, and changes in brain function that lower your tolerance for future stress. It’s little wonder, then, that workplace stress accounts for some 120,000 deaths each year in the U.S., not to mention the many productive hours lost to illness-related absenteeism.

What specific issues promote stress in the workplace? Common complaints include:

● Excessive work shift requirements

● Inadequate time to perform assigned tasks

● Conflicting job roles and/or too many job responsibilities

● Mismatches between job responsibilities and skills or training

● Lack of adequate workplace systems and resources to deal with problems as they arise

Does any of that sound a little too familiar to you? If so, outsource your IT helpdesk needs to

Gravity Philippines. We can relieve your IT experts from the additional burdens of low-level help requests that would otherwise hijack their mental attention. Our services allow your highly-trained technicians to stay within their skill sets and do the work they were hired to do, resulting in greater job satisfaction and less workplace stress. Contact us today so we can start taking the pressure off!

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