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Success Factors for Measuring your Help Desk Quality

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know how important (and occasionally how tricky) it can be to measure the success of your various operations, from project milestones and delivery times to marketing metrics. Availing yourself of outsourced IT help desk services may have given your enterprise a welcome boost in productivity and cost-effectiveness -- but how do you actually evaluate the benefits you’re receiving from this smart strategy? Our offshore IT help desk experts recommend that you track the following key success factors.

Responsiveness - Do incoming help desk callers receive prompt responses, or do they often get left hanging on hold? You want your outsourced IT team to answer calls as quickly and efficiently as reasonably possible.

Clarity - How clearly and easily do your outsourced IT workers communicate on help desk issues? On phone transactions, do the calls come through loud and clear, or do poor connections disturb the experience?

Technical knowledge - Do your outsourced IT workers display the necessary levels of technical knowledge to troubleshoot common issues and tackle the subjects they’re expected to manage?

Problem resolution - How long does it take to resolve the average help desk trouble call? What percentage of these calls resolved the problem completely, and how many of them required escalation?

Courtesy - How pleasant, helpful, and courteous are your outsourced IT help desk workers? This is no small question, since rude or brusque communication could drive customers and partners away from your business.

If you have no means of actually monitoring and measuring these key factors yourself, sit down with your outsourced IT service provider and ask for verification that the necessary standards are being met. Here at Gravity Philippines, we’re highly motivated to give you our best work, because we want to retain your business. Contact us with any questions!

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