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The New Normal: 80 Percent of Small Businesses Will Outsource This Year

All over the world, organizations learned both the unavoidable necessity and the considerable benefits of outsourcing in 2020. Digital transformation has been the name of the game, as evidenced by the near-instant 300 percent increase in the use of the digital video-conferencing platform Zoom. Companies that couldn’t maintain their regular in-house staffing arrangements came to rely on remote work while also outsourcing much of their needs to third-party service providers. Along the way, they discovered just how efficient and cost-effective this approach truly is -- and now they’re ready to retool accordingly in 2021.

Studies performed by B2B research firms indicate that a stunning 80 percent of businesses plan to incorporate outsourcing into their routines this year. Many entrepreneurs discovered just what a lifesaver outsourcing can be, relieving them from the need to wear so many hats, and spend so much of their time fixing internal problems, instead of running and growing their businesses. This value proves especially useful for situations such as IT problems, which commonly call for troubleshooting skills and technical know-how that many small business owners simply don’t have (or can’t afford to solve through permanent IT hires).

This leads to the next big attraction of outsourcing: the ability to gain instant access to specialized skills. About one-quarter of businesses with 10 or fewer employees are turning to outsourcing because they need expertise that they can’t afford to recruit and hire internally. By subscribing to an outsourced IT helpdesk and other such services, they can address a variety of challenges that might otherwise stall their productivity or stunt their growth. Even the ability to address low-level technical hassles quickly and efficiently frees up whatever experts they do have to focus on problems that require such expertise.

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