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Tips for Measuring Your IT Helpdesk Performance

In a previous post, we pointed out some key success factors that you can use to get a general idea of your outsourced IT helpdesk service’s quality. But even if you’re still currently relying on your own in-house team, you can and should keep an eye on this aspect of your operations. (In fact, the findings may influence your decision to outsource some or all of your helpdesk functions.) Here are some suggested “measuring sticks" from your outsourced IT helpdesk team at Gravity Philippines.

Aim for fewer than three help desk responses per request. This is about providing less

service’ rather, it’s about the effectiveness of the service provided. Three or more responses

may indicate poor communication among the helpdesk staff and/or multiple requests stuffed into a single help ticket. If you’re seeing a high number here, you may need a more streamlined system than you currently have (or can maintain in-house).

Monitor your FCR metrics. FCR stands for first contact resolution. Assuming that a help

request requires no escalation or has already been escalated to the appropriate level, you want to see that problem resolved on the first try if possible. If you’re shuttling the requester from one technician to another for the same problem, you’re generating frustration while also shooting your own productivity in the foot.

Follow the feedback. Are you collecting internal and/or customer feedback on the quality of

your IT helpdesk performance? If you aren’t, you should be. Positive and negative feedback are equally valuable and illuminating. Examine the tone of your help desk requests carefully: How many of them take the form of simple inquiries or requests for assistance, and how many sound like complaints?

Want to boost your IT helpdesk performance quickly and easily? Talk to the pros at Gravity


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