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Why the Philippines Makes an Ideal Offshore IT Resource

Have you decided to benefit from outsourced IT help desk services? There are certainly plenty of companies that can provide such services, including many offshore resources. Why, then, does it make so much sense to turn specifically to the Philippines for your offshore IT help desk options? Here are some of the most common answers to that question, courtesy of your friends at Gravity Philippines.

Low cost - A Philippines-based IT help desk provider can offer skilled technical assistance at a fraction of what you might expect to pay a service that draws on U.S. talent. That’s largely due to the relatively low cost of living in the Philippines. Filipino technicians can accept a smaller wage than similarly-qualified U.S. workers while still enjoying a good standard of living.

Education and training - You can get some very high-quality talent for those reasonable rates. The Philippines adds 450,000 new graduates from universities and tech schools to their workforce every year. (Two of their schools have been named Microsoft showcase schools.) With an average age of 23, the current generation has had a lifelong familiarity with technology.

English fluency - In addition to a 98.18 percent literacy rate, the Philippines offers a feature many offshore IT centers cannot -- perfect English. Filipinos embrace both English and Tagalog as their native languages, and the nation employs English as their primary business language. (In fact, it’s one of the largest English-speaking nations on Earth).

Different time zones - Last but not least, the fact that your Filipino help desk team is located in Asia can open a much wider span of availability. A stateside-only help desk team can only provide services during standard daytime hours (unless you invest in a separate night shift). But your night shift is the Philippines’ day shift!

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